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Miami Towbars,Gold Coast Towbar supplier of Hayman Reese products is located at 2052 Gold Coast Highway , Miami Qld Australia, fit while you wait, or come to you with our mobile installation service for all Hayman Reese towbars and products for most vehicles and caravans. Specialising in Hayman Reese towbars & 5th Wheel, Hayman Reese weight distribution systems, brake controllers, sway controllers and Hayman Reese towing accessories as well as auto electrical accessory installations and auxiliary battery systems  for your towing and camping needs.

Sway Control

The Hayman Reese Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Controller is the premier method of controlling sway and the only product of its kind in the Australian market.


Dual Cam Sway Control


Unlike other sway controllers, this approach works to control sway from the start rather than just resisting sway once it's begun. When towing in a straight line, the spring bars on either side of the trailer’s A frame are locked in position. This essentially creates a "rigid" connection between tow vehicle and trailer and minimises the effects of induced sway caused by high crosswinds or passing vehicles. Usually the spring bars ride in a locked-in position, even on fairly sharp curves. However, when cornering manoeuvres are required, the cams automatically slide out of their fixed position to permit full radius turns. Yet when the manoeuvre is short and abrupt, like that encountered in the event of a sudden swerve or a wheel dropping off the road, the spring bars seek a straight-line towing angle that helps the tow vehicle retain control. The advantage of the Dual Cam system is its ability to prevent sway in addition to sway resistance. It works to hold down the start of swaying activity while at the same time allowing free and easy vehicle and trailer interaction. Another advantage of the Dual Cam system is that it's installed on the trailer and therefore doesn't require adjustment every time the towing vehicle and trailer are hooked up, unless hitch weight or tow vehicle loading are changed. The Dual Cam HP is fitted in conjunction with any Heavy Duty Hayman Reese Weight Distribution System. It is ideal for any trailers with a ball weights of 200 kg plus.

The Friction Sway control manages sway by using friction material, and a sliding bar with adjustable lever, which allows you to regulate the sway of the trailer.The friction Sway Controller is recommended for trailers/caravans with a ball weight of up to 200kg, and is used in conjunction with the 600lb/275kg and 800lb/365kg weight distribution kits.

friction sway

Weight Distribution

The Hayman Reese weight distribution hitch transfers the way the tow vehicle manages the weight.The ball weight remains the same, however the load is transferred through the vehicle’s chassis to all wheels. By doing this the Hayman Reese weight distribution hitch restores the natural balance of the tow vehicle. This ensures that braking, suspension and headlamps are all as they should be. Hayman Reese makes a number of different weight distribution systems to suit different ball weight capacities.To determine which weight distribution system suits your vehicle and caravan you will need to determine the ball weight on the caravan fully laiden. If you don’t have ball weight scales then 10% of the caravan’s aggregate trailer mass , ATM (i.e.total weight of van plus contents) is a good rule of thumb.


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